5 major differences between website writing and social writing

  1. Website writing aimed specifically to focus on what readers are looking for, single topic! While social writing focusing on points of views about various subjects, it is more conversations.
  2. Website writing is also for profit, to sell products and to have as many readers as we can get for them to purchase what they’re looking for. While social writing is a one-on-one conversation.
  3. website writing is “one-sided conversation…” because it is focusing on providing information on subjects, items that readers are looking for. Social media giving us the opportunities to broaden our readers by reacting to a post on facebook, tweeter, or to start our post which will bring reactions from wide readers.
  4. Website writing serving companies, groups, individuals who are selling products, services, ideas etc. for profit or not, which readers are looking for but can’t “share”, while with social media readers can “share”, retweet, adding their own ideas, thoughts.
  5. Website writing providing readers with Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ), while with social writing readers can ask real, more detailed questions.
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