8 ways to find Epic writer


  1. You can start with encouraging your team to reveal their talents. You’ll be surprised to find out how different your content can be if each of your team members shares their knowledge.
  2. By reviewing your readers’ comments on your website, you will realize that they’ve variety of ideas. You will be able to assure them a chance to contribute to your blog.
  3. Social media is an additional tool to find a writer to your website.
  4. Consult with niche experts who’ll bring another expert who’ll help expand your site.
  5. Varied content in your site is important because you’ll be able to bring more and more writers who are interesting in the variety of topics.
  6. The freelance site will bring you freelancers who are already know how to write helpful and engaging content. You may hire content creation through writer’s agency which has top-notch writers. By doing so, you’ll be able to concentrate on growing your business.
  7. You may write comments in author’s websites, give your professional ideas. By keep doing so there is a chance that the author will read your comments and will contact you, might even agree to write for your website, recommend other writers whom he knows.
  8. Hire known the epic writer who worked with other epic writers and will recommend/introduce your website to them, by that you’ll be able to have new writers to your site.
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