9 Tips about: How to find guest blogger for your website?

  1. To find the guest blogger you need to create an active community for your blog.
  2. You can comment on other blogs and provide information about your blog.
  3. On your blog have a dedicated page which notes that your blog allows guest posting.  Add all the information they need including how to start guest posting, how to register, and what benefits they will see from guest posting on your blog. Make the work easier for them by automating the system.
  4. If you follow another blog which has your niche you can write on this blog and then invite the author to write a post on your blog. Searching Google you will be able to find the variety of blogs and connect to the ones which appealing to your requirements.
  5. Another way to find guest blogger is to advertise on your blog that you’re looking for the guest blogger. If you choose this way, it is important that you mention your rules such as topics, minimum word count, language, etc.
  6. Another way to attract guest blogger is to concentrate on your website make it attractive the best you can, with best quality writing you can achieve by doing so you can find that your site and your authority within your niche growing and people will start approaching you and ask if they can write an article for your site.
  7. To find a guest blogger you can also look for a site that interesting to you, review their writing, and write your comment without promoting yourself. Your insightful writing will get the blogger attention.  Engaging their community will pave the way for you to ask, and make it easier for them to say yes.
  8. Use of email is a tool which can help you to find guest blogger. Send an email to him/her and complementing their blog that you find their blog to be insightful, tell them that you wrote few comments on their blog and are interested in having him/her as a guest blogger at your blog. Make sure to give detail about your blog and if you had guest blogger(s) mention this valuable information too. Include few links to older posts you’ve written that have some relevance to the blog you’re trying to get a guest spot in.
  9. It is critical that you concentrate on your website, having the best quality posts that you can write. You’ll find out that your niche grows, people will start approaching you and asking if they can write an article for you.
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