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Locksmith Website Design Company Service

The geek in NY is an established company with years of expertise in managing locksmith marketing campaigns.

With a passion for running PPC, SEO, general marketing campaigns, and world-class web designs, this is a team that’s managed to grow year after year. Clients hoping to take the next step with their locksmith business need to call Geek in NY.

We have built a wonderful collection of projects illustrating how our team does its work and the value we’re able to bring to a business.


Auto Locksmith Reno

One of our clients was Auto Locksmith Reno and can be found at AutoLocksmithReno.com.

With this project, we were asked to provide an all-encompassing solution including a beautiful website, logo, branding, and content. The goal was to build a fresh website based around the company’s services and vision. To do this, we took our experience and knowledge to established a resolute plan before moving forward. When our team begins working on a new project, it takes the time to analyze what will be done before executing all of the intricate details.

To shed light on what we were able to do and how our team went about its work, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of our approach. This will pinpoint what our goals were with the company’s website and how we went about making sure the results were in line with what the industry standards require.


Custom Web Design

Beginning with the heart of any business, we work hard on the web design process. Our vision is to flesh out a website that’s going to convert as soon as a lead starts looking around. This is done by making sure all of the information is relevant and the interface is user-friendly. With our lead designers, we are able to build an entire theme around the business and what it stands for. This is conveyed through the minor details whether it is the type of colors used or how the tabs are set up at the top.

Everything is done with the lead in mind.

This is why we have become a heralded name in the locksmith industry because the website is made to look beautiful. We understand the importance of making a solid first impression, which is why we begin with a detailed plan. Geek in NY is also dedicated to the idea of recognizing what leads want from a website and how to do things the right way. This is an essential part of our approach and why we have continued to grow in reputation with each passing year.


Beautiful Custom Logo

In this case, the client was looking for a complete “A to Z” solution and that meant designing a beautiful logo.

When our team sat down with the client, we took in as much information as possible to get the right colors and details in place. The logo is a big part of the way a business is perceived and that’s something we are passionate about. With a premier logo designer on our staff, we are able to map out a detailed strategy for how the logo is going to be established. In this case, we were able to produce a logo that’s unique, fluent, and looks the part.

We understood the golden touches were synonymous with Las Vegas and what the area is all about. To incorporate this into the logo, we found the right colors and made sure to integrate them with the company’s name. Remember, it is the little things that produce a world-class solution, which is why we take our time with new logos. We want to get things right and that is why people rely on our services. By the end, the logo was ready to go and has now become a beautiful part of the website.


Google My Business

Google has started to become the heart of any marketing campaign and our expertise has shown this to be true. Locksmith businesses will get most of their leads through Google and that’s why having a “Google My Business” listing is essential.

One of our marketing professionals will take the time to build out a quality listing that has all of the relevant details in place such as the hours of operation, phone number, and address. We were able to do the same for this company as the listing was established.

Along with making sure the right contact information was in place, we also took the time to make sure it was approved. Geek in NY doesn’t waste time and has worked with Google in the past to ensure things move along as seamlessly as possible. In this case, the listing was ready to go within a few days and is now a great way to stand out for the locksmith business. For the average customer, it’s all about taking a look at one of these listings, noting down the phone number, and calling in for an appointment. With this in mind, we were meticulous as soon as the process began.


Optimized Content

SEO is one of our strengths and we have helped hundreds of businesses with their underlying marketing needs. It’s not just about ranking for one keyword but making sure the site is heading in the right direction. By the time we are done, the locksmith business starts ranking for numerous keywords and generates a lot of new traffic. We were able to do the same for this company as we slowly worked on creating world-class content for our chosen keywords.

By trusting Geek in NY, clients are going to see amazing results because that is what we do better than everyone else!

The content we were able to put up on the website looks great and reads even better. We go through each aspect of the content to make sure it is relevant, easy to read, and flows as well as it is supposed to. Along with this, we also pay attention to how optimized our content is.

By the end, the website starts to rank and do well for all of its targeted keywords. This is the beauty of working with an experienced company that has the passion to produce meaningful SEO campaigns.


Key Pages

As you start to scroll through all of the pages on AutoLocksmithReno.com, it becomes apparent how passionate we were in linking everything together and keeping it as well-integrated as possible. This is a part of our research into what works and what doesn’t.

The key pages are going to filter in the traffic and that is how businesses are able to convert leads into sales. By going with us, clients are not getting the bare minimum with a new website and are going to see real results in the long-term. Our team takes its time to work on each and every page to produce something that’s valued for years to come. Whether it is the homepage or a side page, we are going to make sure it reads well.


This is what we do better than most and it’s one of the reasons we are respected by locksmith businesses.

Online Reputation Management

What is one of the worst things that can happen to a modern locksmith business?

It’s the idea of a customer coming online and starting to slander the business because they didn’t like something. This happens all the time and is not a good feeling. To mitigate this risk and make sure honest reviews are getting through, we are able to set up an online reputation management campaign to keep the business in good shape.

We are able to set things into motion from day one and keep it looking great for a long time. All online reputation management situations are handled by our professionals to keep the business as safe as possible.


Maximization of Leads

It is one thing to bring in a lead and another to make sure they call in for an appointment.

Locksmith businesses prefer to go with our team at Geek in NY because of this factor. They don’t want simple leads coming through because the real value is getting them to sign up. With an assortment of techniques, we are able to make magic happen and ensure a majority of these leads call in at least once.

Whether it has to do with the appropriate placement of the phone number or how we go about our SEO content, everything is in line with modern standards. The same was done with AutoLocksmithReno.com and that is why it has started to generate impressive results and has continued to grow ever since. If the goal is to build out a quality website then we are the best option in town.


For more information on this team and all of its services, please take the time to call 212-842-8084 for a detailed consultation. A specialist will take the time to sit down and map out a professional strategy for the business to prosper. This is a wonderful opportunity to take control and build a world-class setup using professional assistance.



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