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Web Design 4 Garage Door Companies

Are you needing a web design 4 garage door company that does not just look pretty, but it converts visitors to customers? Geek In NY specializes in creating those kinds of websites. It starts off with how we work with garage door installation and repair companies.

You probably know everything there is to know about garage doors. You know how to find both the common and uncommon problems. You treat your clients with respect and professionalism every day. We are the same way with websites. We know the most important starting point is understanding your needs, your market, and your competition.

We start off by listening to what you want to accomplish, then we discuss ideas with you to make that happen, and how we can try to help you exceed your expectations. Our company believes in professionalism and excellence in every step of the process. Let us take a quick look at some of the features over web design 4 garage door service provides and how they benefit your business.

Content – We write all the content for you. Yes, we are not going to make you sit over a keyboard and try to figure out what to say. We understand the market and how to get customers to respond. We will talk to you to make sure we get your company personality right, but make sure you do not have to grind out the words.

Logo Creation – If you already have a company logo you love, we can use it, but if you don’t, we make one for you. We will get your input and then make a logo to help brand your company and make it more memorable to website visitors.

Professional Design – All of our websites are designed to look professional, clean, efficient and to convert visitors into leads.

Mobile Optimized – You know as well as we do, everyone looks up things on their phones today. When they need their garage door repaired or replaced they will search on their phone. Your website needs to look just as impressive on a phone screen as it does on a desktop so people will call and order your services. We make sure your website is elegant and easy to use on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Fast – Speed is critical. How long will you listen to a phone ringing when you make a call before you hang-up? People are just as impatient with slow-loading websites. We will make sure your website pops open fast, so visitors stay on your site.

High Converting – A business website should not be built to provide information, only. It needs to convert. We make sure our content leads people to pick up the phone to call. The contact form on your website is quickly in view to make it easy for potential customers to send you an email. We make sure visitors on their phones can click to call you in an instant. We want you to hear your phone ringing.

Video Introductions – Do you want to have a video introduction on your website? We can make it happen. Video helps convert website visitors into customers. Video can help get your site ranked higher on Google and other search engines, too.

SEO Friendly – Why would you need a great looking website if no one can find it? We make sure your website is optimized for search engines so more people find you and call to schedule your services.

Images, Banners, and Coupons – Do you have high-quality photographs to use for your website? If you do, great. We can use photos you provide, or we can tap into our vast library of stock photos to create a website that is stunning and gets the message delivered. We can create custom banner images, including coupons, to use on your site, also.



All of these features come together to create a website with a single purpose, to get you more business. Our web design 4 garage door companies service is targeted to help you get more phone calls that convert into sales.

Web design is just one of our specialties. Geek In NY can provide you with advice on how to improve your ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo with search engine optimization (SEO). Your website will already be optimized for SEO purposes, but we can help you move up the rankings even faster to get more leads.

We provide advice and service with Google PPC advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management, too.

But, before you start with our other services, it is always important to make sure your website is ready for more traffic. If you already have a website, we can review how it works on mobile devices, the speed of your site, and conversion factors to make sure you get the most sales from every visitor.

The starting point is having a conversation with one of our team. We help you explore your needs and get a full understanding of the direction you want to go. We can then custom design a solution. We have been in business for over 12 years helping businesses just like yours achieve their business growth goals.

One of our achievements we are proud of is having 576 first place positions on Google for clients. Imagine how many more phone calls you could be getting if our web design 4 garage door companies services pushed your business to number 1. We can help you achieve it.

The best way to get started is to give us a phone call. We know talking to you directly on the phone helps us understand your needs quicker so we can provide you with the best answers. You can reach us at (844) 433-5692. If you are too busy for a phone call at the moment, send us a quick email at info@geekiny.com and tell us when the best time to give you a call is. We will work with your schedule.

Just imagine, in a few weeks, your phone could be starting to ring more often as people visit your new website optimized to convert them into sales.



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