If you want to build a new website or renew your old one, we’ll be happy to help you by building it and providing advice based on experience.

We’ve been doing this for seven years and in the last two years we’ve consecutively won Google’s global campaign management competition. We don’t just build the site; we build an “eco-system” – that means we build a website + Facebook business page + Yelp + Google Plus and other places according to the client’s needs.

Here’s a website I recently finished from A to Z:


This is what we did on the website:

  1. Twenty-one well written pages by professional writers + edited by an external expert content editor.
  2. Logo and business card design and a website design that follows the same design pattern.
  3. Selection and purchase of a catchy phone number and 24-hour human telephone support.
  4. Construction of an eco-system.
  5. Writing and creation of 5 YouTube videos + keyword insertion for each video + upload of each video to 21 different websites.
  6. SEO
  7. Fitting of the website to mobile phones (all types).
  8. Google testing and speed optimization.
  9. Creation of landing pages.


And much more…

We don’t take a lot of projects, but we put a lot of love in each one we do take on, as if we were building it for ourselves.

To arrange a meeting, contact me via phone at 718-813-7939.


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