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Generally, it is better that a person does not write in his own praise. But it’s a business, and I have to write you why I think I’m a professional Web Developer:

  1. Because I have a sense of humor.
  2. Because I won Google’s global contest twice for publishing websites
  3. Because I like to build websites. I built many free sites for purposes I believe in because I have an obsession with websites.
  4. Because I live in New York, USA. It is easy for me to build websites in English.
  5. Because I not only build websites and know how to code, I also understand in Photoshop. I am a photographer, a video editor, and a website promoter so that you can be at peace and know that your website will be well designed and fully optimized on Google.
  6. You can read what customers think about me on Yelp, click here, on Google, click here.
  7. When I was discharged from the army in 1996, I studied Web development at a college, which means I have many years of experience.
  8. I am not cheap, but my prices are not high either.
  9. I try to maintain high reliability and transparency during construction
  10. Because of my work portfolio


Here are some examples of websites we built

I built a website for a locksmith. The customer gave me a free hand, and the result is excellent:

1.      The website is already on the first page of Google in the keyword search and continues to climb.

2.      In 2015, I designed websites such as Skype and AIRBNB with video backgrounds. The results are extraordinary, which means a surfer sees that it is a well-invested website, and the conversion ratio is increasing.

Here’s the website: Also, of course, I produced videos, created a blog, banners, a coupon, a Facebook page, a logo, an easy phone number, Google Map page on Yelp, and much more, for him. And of course, I continue to manage and promote the site.

A website for a luxurious building in New York: We designed a beautiful logo; created a panoramic image of the views reflecting from the building, surfer-friendly forms so that people can easily fill out the reception forms to the building, photographed empty apartments and furnished them in a Photoshop, created smart search system, and more.

A garage website in New York: It is a very informative site. Of course, we also designed a logo and made full optimization.

A Kosher restaurant website in New York: Of course, we also took pictures of food.

A photo company website:

A shipping equipment sales company website: We produced a video, designed a logo, and created a general concept and an easy and comfortable navigation system.

A locksmith website in Arizona: We made a general revamp, designed logos, produced videos, created coupons, colors, a distinct design for internal pages, and more. We started promoting this site, and it responds well.

A Commercial door repair company website: A logo design; a modern and clean general design; banners, galleries, and more.

An intercom company website: We designed a logo, clean design with a smart slider up, video, service pages, and more.

Website for a company that sells refrigerators for restaurants: We designed a logo, banners, page writing, Facebook page, Google page, video, and more, by customer demand.

Car shipping company in the entire USA: We created a smart contact form at the top of the site, a blog, a general design, a Google page, and more.


Of course, I have plenty more examples of websites I built for customers in New York and the United States. If you want more examples, do not hesitate to ask. Just dial 718-784-7939 from NY or 03-9770-222 from Israel, or contact us via the website or Facebook:


In short, if you want that “The best website builders in New York ” help you keep in touch with your customers online, contact us.



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