How to get leads: build your own business website

The way to take your company a step forward, demands a recognition in the potential customer who meets your business through a google search. The breakthrough will arrive when you conquer the top of the search result in google.


If you are not there – you are not exist

As a small business owner, you are probably spending too much time thinking about how can you improve your business publicity. Well, if you are under age of 60 years old, you should probably know it by yourself – you have to have an internet website. If you don’t exist on the web, you don’t exist in the real world. This is not the matrix; it’s the real life. Save your budget from going to waste on a television commercial, radio or print magazines, and newspapers – they are all gone with the wind. The strongest and steady presence you can have in the media is with your own website. Now there is just little one more thing – you need to build a website, maintain it, make it visual and readable, and of course, climb to the first result in a google search.

The platform

Content Management System Cms Wordpress Blog

WordPress is an amusement park for people who want to build their own website and be freed from economic dependence on and a programmer or designer. The Content management system of WordPress allows each user starts with motivation to manage independently their own website, make changes and upgrades, enter its content and post it immediately. In the past, every little change websites required a  major financial investment and redesign of the whole platform. But today these things turns to be easy, intuitive and even fun.

In addition, WordPress have compatibility with all browsers and it requires no other financial investment such adjustments. And most important – Wordpress is friendly with Google’s scanners and it’s considered now as the most compatible platform for the search engine. A lot of people wrong by thinking WordPress as is a free cost site. Wordpress started as a personal blogs managing system, but the truth is WordPress today is capable of supporting stable complex,  professional sites and tailor – made l. indeed, much of the benefit of WordPress is open source and sharing of information, but for some advanced personal adjusting, it is advisable to invest some budget – theLong-term savings will be huge, you will not need to pay a monthly fee and you actually have a dynamic website for life.


Search results

Search-Engine-Optimization-ServiceAfter you build your marvelous website, it’s on air, out there on the internet, together with another trillion of web pages. So how can someone – who have an interest in what you have to provide – find you when he is searching in google. First thing first – you need to get high rank in the search result. There are some ways to do it – by paying Google money (12-15$) per click or to call a professional who can optimize your website in a way that promotes it in a google search. It’s exactly what it is – promotion. until three-four years ago, it was enough to use the old tactics of being more aggressive than others and just repeating the same word million times in the website. That method was raising websites to the top of the results. But today more and more promoting companies understand that the emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity.

In other words, a company that maintains a strict routine without varied the tactics of work, not only is expected to remain in the same place but also may cause its customers’ sites have Google penalty because of “over-promotion”. However, a company based on a variety of technics and is linked to other sites usually shows effective results in the long term.




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