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Question: A picture is worth 1000 words! How much is a video worth?

Answer: A video has 30 frames per second!

How many times have you entered a website and had no idea what it was about?

Who has the patience to read 500 words?

One of the websites I manage is an apartment rental website (Tzvi’s Motel), and no matter how many beautiful pictures and explanations I put, a lot of people told me that the video is what convinced them since they could see exactly what the motel looks like and what they get for their money.

Video clips on websites are very important and very helpful to on-site conversion percentages. In addition, they really help promotion efforts. So if you want me to produce a professional video for you – contact me at 718-813-7939.

I can make you a video that explains a particular product, or a video that explains a website, service, product, or image.

It is possible to make a video with green screens, animations, actors, etc.


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