Krav Maga School in Flushing Queens Video Report

Title Self defense & Krav Maga School in Flushing Queens 11367
Description Get Fit & Learn To Protect You & Your Family Call Now for your first free lesson 718-263-5728 Krav Maga & Self defense School in Flushing Queens 11367

imagine this…..
you’re out for a late night walk with your dog when suddenly……
an attacker jumps out of the bushes……
taking you by complete surprise. could you defend yourself??
do you have the skills you need to get out alive? well, at new york self defense academy……
we’ll teach you active krav maga in Queens, the self-defense in Queens skills you need to keep yourself safe! we specialize in providing self-defense training to all, even women and children. our kids martial arts program is based on karate and active krav maga……so it’s fun….educational….and perfect for kids between the ages of 4 to 13! our comprehensive women’s self-defense program…..Join Now Self defense & Krav Maga School in Flushing Queens 11367

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