Optimize your WordPress web pages

Bring you website to the first google result acquire precise adjustment of your content using almost a mathematical technic. It is not an easy task, but it can be made with when you attached to some writing rules.

WordPress site promotion on Google does not different in practice from organic SEO of another site. This process is consisting several stages. The base, in general, is quite common to each project – keyword research, content strategy, links, competitors research. Many people do not know how to “Convince” Google their site deserves to be in the first place of Google search when it returns millions of websites that are online.  Promote Google site is not an easy task. There is around 200 parameters Google search engine use to rate site in a higher place, according to the axiom that a good website have good content, and a good content should get promotion in the search results. But what is good content?


What’s important when building WordPress page

Technical issue: code, meta description, tags, domain, title, pictures, compatibility with mobile devices, Example: it is more effective when the title contains the main expression that you are promoting in the specific page – the keyword should appear at the beginning. However, it is important that it goes together with a compelling written well headline –  But, it is it is better the headline convincingly understood and sharp, rather than just one that being forced to have keywords.



Content and structure

The quality and length of content, hierarchy, genuine content. Example: Various studies have shown a correlation between long and deep content to the potential for better rankings of a page. Also, if the content is very long with a lot of text of the potential to be found through a lot more searches. Long text considered at least as 800 words and its should be a fine standard. Another most critical aspects with according to a Google Page Rank is the genuineness of the content. If your content is duplicated (whether replication within site itself or from other sites) – it falling significantly in the  Quality of Google scale.


Reliability of the site and external links to known websites

Links from other websites to your pages: You must think like a big brand, differentiate yourself from the competition through branding, and not necessarily concerning design. Branding the site name (and domain), a unique concept other from the competition in that niche is preferable. Explanation: a link in youtube/AOL/eBay is much more effective than a link in an unknown low traffic blog


user experience

Visitors abandonment rate – this is not a recognized indexed Analytics (because not all sites are connected in Analytics). If the Surfer returned immediately to Google’s results after a short visiting in a particular site –  Google can measure regardless of the statistics counter installed on the particular site. Web surfers who visited but left immediately – signaling Google they did not find what they were looking for and so apparently it is an irrelevant result.


Social networks signals

Links to facebook, google+, Instagram, Tweeter. Social activity should integrate with SEO campaigns. Google + profile is helpful with promoting the site on local results but also aids improve websites Reliability. A Strong supports from  YouTube Channel site (the site is linked to the channel, and vice versa) can give your site credit in a google search. Links from YouTube videos are indeed non-follow But when high-quality video content links it can help the website elevation

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