Add Artificial Intelligence & Chatbot with Human Takeover - Chatbot Integration Service
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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot with Human Takeover – Chatbot Integration Service

There’s a lot of hype floating around right now about Chatbots in general, and Facebook Messenger bots in particular. It’s no surprise that, according to a survey by Oracle, 80% of businesses want a chatbot in place by 2020.

If you want to communicate with your customers, building a Facebook Messenger bot or your website is a lot cheaper than building a mobile app.

ChatBot can help you to:

  1. Reach your audience directly
  2. Save time and money on customer care
  3. Identify leads
  4. Handle e-commerce transactions
  5. Re-engage customers

Geek in NY will design a brilliant bot for your business. A well-customized chatbot will save your money and time. If you are not using a chatbot on, you’re already behind.

Get Your Chatbot


Geek in NY  will integrate & customize one of The best AI-based chatbots available online. that will suit your business needs.


Our Chatbot Capture Leads 24/7

Geek in NY  chatbot is a smart chatbot that’s designed for service-oriented websites with four main goals:

  1. Capture Leads
  2. Schedule Appointments
  3. Collect Payments
  4. 24/7 Support

Interact. Everywhere.


Integrate With your Systems.

  1. Stripe
  2. Callender
  3. Google sheets
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Zapier


Key Features Include:

  1. Offer questions with multiple choice options
  2. Ability to Branch to different questions based on the visitor’s answer
  3. Questions can have field validation to recognize numbers, dates, emails and more
  4. Schedule Appointments
  5. Accept Payments
  6. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbot with Human Takeover

Never Miss a Lead Again.


Chatbot Integration Service

Are you ready for the new Geek in NY chatbot? This is an amazing new communication tool that is changing the way that business owners view the world wide web. If you want to know more about this amazing new device, read on.

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way We Communicate

You should be fully aware that the integration of artificial intelligence into everyday business is proceeding at a rapid rate. This is a development that has a great deal of significance for both business owners and their customers. You can use this development to give your business a boost that will push you to the front.

By making use of an artificial bot set up for a chat, you are giving your site a whole new level of instant interactivity. People who log on to your site can get a wide range of info in a matter of seconds just by typing into the chatbox. And when they do so, they will get instant answers that will determine their next move.

You Can Easily Convert Web Traffic into Leads

There are plenty of ways for you to convert random web traffic into leads that will eventually turn into satisfied and loyal customers. One of the best ways to do so is to arrange for the integration of an artificial intelligence chat service on to your website. Using this new bot is bound to open up a wide range of new opportunities.

The people who visit your site will be happy to leave vital info such as their name, phone number, and email address in exchange for more info about your business. A bot that is set up for chat can collect this data. It will then be able to use it in order to create new hot sales leads that can increase your level of sales by a wide margin.

Chatbot Will Give You Better Customer Engagement

One of the biggest advantages of using the new chatbot service is the immediate increase that you will see in your basic customer engagement. The integration of the new chatbot service on to your site will be quick and extremely cost-effective. Once the bot is up and running, you’ll notice some very interesting results.

For one, your customers will appreciate the smooth integration of the new bot on to your site. They will appreciate the convenience that comes with having a bot set up in order to answer basic questions about the service that your business provides. This is one area where artificial intelligence can quickly go to work for you.

You Can Easily Arrange for a Quick Human Takeover

You can set up the chatbot on your website to allow for a quick human take over when the time comes. This way, the person chatting to the bot will be able to get a whole new quick influx of info that will enable them to decide whether they want to buy from you.

Having a human takeover option on your website will allow you to increase the level of efficiency with which you communicate with your customers. It will also allow you to give your business a human face that visitors to your site can easily connect with. This is an advantage that will pay huge dividends in a very short amount of time.

Contact Us at Geek in NY for More Info

AI on the web is not a new trend. This is one that has been shaping up for many years. However, if you want to know how to use AI to the maximum advantage on your website, we can help you. We want you to learn how to use the new chatbot technology to gain new traffic, new leads, and a host of new sales opportunities.

If you really want to know what this exciting new chatbot is all about, just contact us directly here at Geek in NY. We can quickly answer all the various questions, comments, and concerns that you may have. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help you maximize your online business.


AI Helps Automate Simple Tasks & Create Better Experiences for Your Customers. Empower Your Customers. Lower Support Costs. Streamlined Support. Seamless Self-Service. Increase Satisfaction. Better Customer Service. Improve Response Times. Higher Agent Productivity.

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5 reviews for Add Artificial Intelligence & Chatbot with Human Takeover – Chatbot Integration Service

  1. Mary S.

    It’s very impressive how many things a chat bot tool can do for your business. The first thing I appreciated of Geek in NY is how clearly they exposed their service they offer on their website. I was doing research for chat Bots because I wanted to use the tool for leads generations, but when I l ended on Geek in NY website and read their service description I had a lot of other ideas on how I could make good use of a chat bot. Other than leads generations, I use it for offering 24/7 customer support, managing appointments, payments and receiving quote requests. I have nothing to complain about their work. I contacted them before placing my order and they answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed. They’ve been professional from day 1. I had a great experience and I highly recommend them.

  2. Will Gregor

    I’m totally happy with my decision of implementing a chat bot integrated service on my website and 100% satisfied with the job Geek in NY team has done. I’m using the automated chat bot to offer customer support. The results I achieved are the ones that I expected (which were the reasons why I wanted a smart chat bot for the site in the first place): I can offer 1 24/7 support to my clients I lowered the support services costs, improved responses time, and my contacts with potential clients are also increased. Apparently, people are more keen to click on the chat button than send you an email. Geek in NY did a great job, the team is highly competent, professional and resourceful. I was very impressed when they delivered their work several days before schedule. Highly recommended.


    Best Service!

  4. yarik



    The Best Online digital service

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