Seo Audit Service

Our SEO Audit Service

We like to think of your website as the hull of a ship and the links you develop to that website as the wind in your sail. You need both to go full speed in any targeted direction.
An SEO audit ensures your site is receiving the full benefit of your link building strategy, and it also helps identify any potential issues your site may have in the search engines.
During an SEO audit we take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any possible issues—major or minor—that could be dampening your search engine rankings.
SEO audits look at, but are not limited to: Website speed URL structure Meta description Meta Key words H1-H5 tags Image optimization Page index Title Tags Canonical link tag Text phone num Robots.txt Text/HTML Ratio URL length Social interrogation Blogging MozRank Mobile Web Site Sitemap Virus Check SEO Back-links.
SEO audits ensure that you build a solid foundation for future online marketing efforts, maximize your return on investment (ROI) and improve your natural search rankings.
An SEO audit can be done after a redesign, in preparation of a new Web site, before starting to do SEO & as a general Web site health check-up or as a very specific solution to a problem with the search engines.
It’s super-easy to get started
1. Tell us what website you’re looking to promote
2. Tell us what 5 search queries you want your website to be found for
3. Submit 3 URLs of your competitors
4. Tell us the service area is the area in which you offer your products or services
5. Tell us your email address & phone number.

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