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Do you want your business at the top of Google? Of course you do. In order to do that, Google must know what your site is, what information it provides, and why it is the best choice for people who input search queries. If you don’t do it right, you won’t get seen, and if you try to cheat the Google algorithms, you’re probably going to be “black-listed” by Google.

Search-Engine-Optimization-Experts-336-280That old adage, “Build it and they will come,” is no longer applicable in the current marketing atmosphere. If clients can’t find your website, no matter how well-designed or functional it is, you’ll lose business.

The truth is that individuals don’t use of the phone book to locate companies. They search on the Internet. Actually, recent reports show that more than half of all customers prefer Internet searches to the traditional phone book. Of the individual searches, 82% lead to an offline telephone call, store visit, or purchase.

Now, let’s discuss Google. Nine of 10 of the prospective clients are utilizing Google to locate you or companies like yours. Roughly 42% of those prospects never look past the top three results, and 95% never look beyond page one. If your Internet site is not on page one of Google, only 5% of the potential clients might find you. That’s lots of business to give up.

We know how to do SEO, and we also know the advantages top search results can provide a company. Our search engine optimization experts not only get our clients to the peak of Google. Odds are, you found us at the top of a search engine. That’s because we employ the same SEO techniques for our business that we will use for yours. phone number (844) 433-5692 toll-free 844-Geek-NYC

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