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We specialized in many areas of online marketing as well as offer numerous valuable services for our client’s needs. We have nine years of experience working with Google AdWords. This is one of the most popular tools in paid search advertising right now. We are in partnership with Google, and we have a team of dedicated workers that focus on getting the best results for your PPC campaigns. This team has been put into place by Google. Since we are partners with Google, we are always up to date on any new features that Google AdWords offers including beta test tools that provide our client with VIP service. Some of these tools have not been released to other advertisers yet.

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Paid Marketing Campaigns are much more effective if you have the right team working on your behalf. PPC campaigns are a direct solution to making progress online. This method can assist in reaching those goals that are set when applied correctly. Geek In NY- Web Design & Online Marketing teams are experienced in campaign setup and management. We have become experts in helping clients just like you.

We follow steps when creating a campaign. This strategy we have used since the beginning.
When setting the PPC campaign up, we will review, analyze and optimize the relevant keywords and the negative keywords to ensure that they are in the correct position for the success of the paid marketing campaign. We also make sure the right ads are being placed in front of the right group to increase visibility and great click through rates or CTR.

For many years Geek In NY – Web Design & Online Marketing has worked with small budgets as well as bigger budgets. We have the ability to accommodate all our clients with their business needs. We are excellent at identifying the market and business needs according to the actual product or service for the PPC campaign.

How We Approach Paid Marketing Campaigns In 5 Steps

1. The initial goal is to reach a targeted audience and by identifying and studying the market, we will achieve that.
2. It is critical to the success of the Paid Marketing Campaigns if the landing page or website loads as quickly and as accurately as possible. This ensures that the potential client does not leave the site.
3. Keyword research is very important in your paid marketing campaigns. Your wording in this campaign is how the audience will be determined. The keywords have to be in line with the targeted customer.
4. Initially we set the paid marketing campaigns up in alignment with targeted groups to ensure better results.
5. Campaign optimization is the final step. This is the part where you will start to see improvements. Some changes can be a return on investments and growth in business.

At Geek In NY – Web Design & Online Marketing we utilized the best tools, platforms, and strategies to help you achieve your goals for your business. We track our work, and as a result, we learn and grow with you as a business.

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