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How to Write For Social Media. 6 Tips

Write long post then include expert sources. This will prove that you’re a serious writer. Focusing on the post subject, it’s important, so…
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content strategy

3 major reasons Why your website need fresh content:

The more frequently you update your website with articles, downloads, and new web pages, the more often a search engine will stop by…
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Website writing vs Social writing

5 major differences between website writing and social writing

Website writing aimed specifically to focus on what readers are looking for, single topic! While social writing focusing on points of views about…
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9 Tips about: How to find guest blogger for your website?

To find the guest blogger you need to create an active community for your blog. You can comment on other blogs and provide…
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turn knowledge to profit

8 ways to find Epic writer

  You can start with encouraging your team to reveal their talents. You’ll be surprised to find out how different your content can…
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