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Here's What You’ll Get
With Our Web Design NYC Package:
  • Responsive website on any device (mobile, desktop)
  • A Unique And Eye-Catching Design
  • SEO (and geek) optimized for search engines
  • Unlimited colors to choose from
  • Fast performance
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3 coding methods
  • WP open source CMS (back-office)
  • Video tutorials for using website login area included
  • 12 Page website design & construction
  • 12 royal free images & graphics included
  • 2 Email account creation included
  • Social network integration (4 accounts)
  • Data Base
  • Meta-tags & keywords management
  • Google Analytics Support
  • On Page Optimization
Our Unique EcoSystem:
Hi-Power Satellite Mini Site also included in our web design NYC package.

YouTube: we will create two videos – We Will Tell A Story To Promote Your Brand.
FaceBook: we will create your own face book fan page(don’t worry we’ll definitely like your page too).
Yelp: we will create for a Yelp page for you & any other if need be. All of them will generate web traffic & build a good reputation for your business.

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Based on your needs, our geeks go to work to create unique interfaces that not only match your branding but are also useful in achieving your goals, such as increasing revenue generated by the website.

Our website development team is trained to look at sites from not only a design/development perspective but also from a business perspective, where ROI is the key metric.

These are our requirements:

If you can’t provide some of them, we can help you get them over to us by just calling our tech support geeks at (212) 842-8084

  • Send us between 1-3 websites that you liked. Try to explain in more detail what you liked about them(of course, yours will be better).
  • Send us your logo – PSD, png, jpeg, gif. If you don’t have one we can create it for you (additional charge).
  • 2-3 main colors for your website. You can use this cool color picker tool(you can thank us later).
  • Home Page Information:
    What do you want on your “Home Page”? You need a captivating introduction! ! This is where you tell visitors who you are, what you offer, where to contact you and why they should choose you. Your website must catch them the second they click on it otherwise they'll bounce and go somewhere else(you don't want that do you?)
  • “About Us” page (300-700 words):
    The About us page is a great way to tell potential customers more about you and your company. How did it all start? When did you start? Plans and goals for the future. Tell your potential customers your story so they'll have a better idea of who you are and what you stand for(bonus points if you started your business by accident and have an interesting story to tell).
  • Info For The “Contact Us” page:
    This is where you leave you business contact information. Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Maps to your business, Operating hours, Payments Accepted. The list goes on, but you get the idea.
  • What do you want on your “Products or Services” page?:
    This is where you tell your potential customers what kind of products or services you can offer them to make their lives easier(don't worry if you're product or service is boring we'll make it sound fun).
  • Photos for use on your web pages & “Photo Gallery.”:
    As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words." Show your visitors pictures of your work, your place of business, or even a picture of the office pet. Put a face behind the business to build rapport and trust with your potential customers(so say cheese!).
  • Any other important information you want on your website (just not your pet gold fish's name please).
Do You Want Your Website
To Help You Grow Your Business?
Creating a successful website is not as simple as 1,2,3, done! You cannot just create compelling designs, write some captivating copy, put it all online and expect the phone calls to start rolling in. Building a successful website is a complex process that continues even after the initial website design is completed. Let our NYC web design geeks build your professional web site!

This process requires a realistic view of business objectives and marketing goals. Furthermore, it requires a design approach based on giving your website the features, functionality, and content necessary to allow it to be the very best it can be.
Turn Around Time For Web Design NYC Package:

21-60 work days after we get everything we need from you.

In the beginning, you will be assigned a project manager. He will supervise all design aspects of your project and will report to you every step of the process. All work in progress will be published on your private “Work Page” From there, you will be able to review, comment and approve the production through all the different stages.

Up to 2 revisions

Payment Terms

To start your custom web design project we need an initial payment deposit of 50%. Once a design is finalized for your website, you will need to make the remaining balance payment. No money refund after we start the design (48 hrs)

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