Web Design Service in Brooklyn NY

 If you are in the New York area and are in need of professional web designer services, call GeekInNY (212) 842-8084  team of award-winning designers that can visit yours in Brooklyn, New York.

Online Marketing & Web DesignWe Offer These Services:

We help medium and small business owners change or create their website content or design. We listen to your needs and give your web presence the customization you want.

Our search engine optimization services include Google analytics, proper meta tag content and other on-page optimization to give you the best SEO you can get. Website optimization is vital if you want your site to be seen in the Google search result pages. For a free SEO analysis of your existing website, call (212) 842-8084

The web development services, performed by a professional web designer, include giving you a responsive website on any device, including mobile and desktop devices.
Express your company correctly with an unlimited number of colors.

If You Need Marketing of Your Product or Service

If your firm needs digital marketing services, we will create a stunning logo design for your medium or small business that will help your brand get noticed and remembered.
If you are looking for an e-commerce website to do online marketing, we will incorporate SEO with a content management system to give you the fastest performance website possible. For fast service call (212) 842-8084, web design Brooklyn NY, today.

What is Included

We do not use canned website that is limited in their capabilities. Instead, we use HTML5 and CSS3 to create the most responsive performance possible. Up to twelve royalty-free images and other graphics on a 12-page website are included to show your business in the best light.
You don’t have to worry that your website will be too complicated when it comes time to add more content to your site because our service includes video tutorials for your benefit, explaining every aspect of the back office.
To make it easy for your future clients to contact you, we will create two email accounts for you to use. You can have your name as part of the email, such as Richard@yourcompany.com or you can have generic email addresses, such as sales@yourcompany.com.


Do You Need an eCommerce Website?

If your business is looking to increase its revenue, having a significant web presence will help you show your products and services to the most people possible. Our website developers look at your site from a search engine optimization point of view and also from a client’s point of view. What do they see first? By visiting your website, so they quickly understand what your business has to offer them? Do they learn the benefits that they will gain by doing business with you? If this is what you need, call (212) 842-8084

Do You Need a Social Media Presence?

If you need social integration, we will include four accounts that will get your business noticed among the millions of people using the increasingly popular social media platforms. We will create two videos and upload them to YouTube so you can tell your business’ story and display your brand. Furthermore, you can get a Facebook fan page as well as a Yelp page created for you.

Social media is important for driving traffic to your website, showing yourself as an expert in your field and giving your website back links from these high-authority social media platforms. If your business needs a social presence, call (212) 842-8084

What We Require to Get Your Website Up and Running 

• Start by sending us the links to three websites that appeal to you. Let us know what it is about that sites that would work for your business.

• If those sites do not have the colors you prefer, let us know your preferences.

• Let us know if you already have a logo or if you need to take advantage of our logos design service.

• Do you already have images you want on your website or would you like our website designers to find royalty-free images that would suit your purpose? It’s ideal if have pictures of your place of business and your customer service personnel that help customers. If you sell tangible products, images of these will contribute to make sales.

• And let us know what text you’d like to have on your home page, about page and contact page.

For an attractive, eye-catching website, designed to fit your firm’s need perfectly, contact Geek In NY web design Brooklyn, New York. Call (212) 842-8084

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