What Is SEO?

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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a process of generating organic traffic for web pages in search results affecting the online visibility of websites.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo function like librarians for the internet. Their systems contain all the information of every single page on the internet. This enables them to find results on the web for all the things we ask for. Each search engine has its own method known as Algorithm, which turns all the information into relevant search results. For all website owners, search results are extremely crucial. It is important to have high rankings in search results as it enables more and more people to find you. There are a few factors that contribute to high rankings of websites in search results. These are –

  • Words – Search engines take into account each and every word on the internet. For instance, if you search for “roof repair”, the search engines narrow down the results to only those pages that talk about “roof repair”.
  • Titles – Every page on the web contains an official title. Sometimes it is evident and sometimes it is not, as the title remains hidden in the code of that page. Search engines look out for these titles while narrowing down its results as they contain the gist of the entire article.
  • Links – Search engines also pay attention to the links between websites while narrowing down its results. When one website contains links for another website, it is taken to be as a recommendation for that website.
  • Words in links – Search engines also take into account the words that are used in the links as in its results the search engines tend to establish connection between websites and the words in the links.


On the whole good SEO is about having great content supported by these requirements that search engines need to filter in order to come up with the most relevant results on the web.

What Is SEO? For The Best SEO Services In NYC Just Call Us Now: (212) 842-8084


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