How to Write For Social Media. 6 Tips

  1. Write long post then include expert sources. This will prove that you’re a serious writer.
  2. Focusing on the post subject, it’s important, so the readers will have their questions answered.
  3. By choosing great headline it will be optimal social media shares.
  4. You want to add to your writing interesting photos, screenshots, or graphics this will grab your readers attention. Make sure they are relevant to your post. This will ensure increased shares in Facebook.
  5. Don’t force yourself to write a long post while you’re satisfied with what you wrote, and think that it cover the subject you are writing about.
  6. If your post purpose is to sell your product make sure to be a focus on the product qualities, add pictures/video, so the readers will be able to be tempted to purchase the product and share your post with others.

Stay updated about new platforms, apps, and tools which are coming online all the times. Don’t hesitate to market yourself widely, keep try looking for new avenues and approaches.

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