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Uncover Trends In Your Data, Then Take Action To Drive Growth Based On Those Insights. Moreover, we use proprietary tech and 101+ tactics to drive growth without the guesswork.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is at the heart of the online world. Significantly, to succeed with your online brand today, you must focus on digital marketing. Nevertheless, there are many digital marketing channels: Video marketing, photos, podcasting, blogs, and social media posts. Presently, we are located in NYC, “The Big Apple” - the ad agency capital of the world. Therefore, we cater to small, medium, and large-sized businesses that want to compete and grow.

Moreover, utilize all the aspects of your digital media campaign and allow them to work together in unison, building your brand one step at a time. Chiefly, it is not simply about creating content, but segmenting every digital channel you put out for your brand image that helps you increase interest in your products and services. Significantly, our expertise guides you through what marketing channels to use.

Furthermore, Geek in NY is a full-service digital ad agency in NYC catering to the needs of our clients. Therefore, search for cutting-edge analysis for your content management team or ways to increase your rankings or traffic. Nonetheless, our team employs unique ways to grow and hack some of the best resources on the web to grow and succeed.

Emphatically, contact us at (212) 842-8084. We are in the business of making your business shine. Increase your rankings and online presence today. Emphatically, whether you want to soar on Google or any of the other search engines, we can help. However, instead of creating a Microsoft or an individual account on Google, Facebook, or another social platform, let us handle it all in one integrated project management solution. Therefore, it makes the whole process easier and more streamlined so that you can focus on the results. We are a certified NYC-based company, eager to help you grow your brand!

Online Reputation Management. Click the Question Mark to Learn More.

Growth Hacking
Growth hacking is rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient- ways to grow your business. Consequently, growth hackers often focus on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing, for example, social media, viral marketing, SEM & P P C, targeted advertising, or Web Design and SEO Packages instead of traditional media such as radio, newspaper, and television.

How do you experience the level of growth you need to improve your online presence and rise in the rankings while utilizing a results-focused approach to SEO? Indeed, you require a plan to make your ads and all your content more responsive so that you will capture the attention of mobile users and make your content more mobile-friendly. We know that growing your business in the future must have a proven growth-hacking formula for your brand to maintain your success.

Emphatically, your online presence must be professional but fun, your UX on the mark, and your content management must consider all the platforms, devices, and the mindset of your potential audience.

At Geek in NY, we offer video production, marketing, web design and SEO packages - anything else you need to grow your business. Your company needs an experienced agency. So, we are an award-winning company offering increased traffic, proven results, and ongoing consultation. Finally, start building your online presence today with our agency's tools and expertise.

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Contact us at (212) 842-8084, or visit us at https://www.geekinny.com/ to learn more. Evidently, you don't need a huge budget to succeed with digital marketing. Significantly, we are the right resource! Moreover, we'll show you how to use all the modern resources available to reach your goal.

We are your one-stop shop for launching your business to the stars!

Growth Hacking. Click the Question Mark to Learn More.
Consequently, we analyze negative mentions of your company/brand online, address them with AI-powered sentiment analysis. Specifically, release press distribution to clean your name on Google and improve your brand image.
Do you want your business to show up on the first page of Google for relevant keywords? Indeed, Geek in NY's SEO team can vault your website to the top of Google's organic search results. Call us toll-free (844) Geek-NYC (844) 433-5692 for premium Web Design and SEO Packages.

Online Reputation Management

Take care of your online reputation. Indeed, it is often one of the most overlooked things. Today, social media and Google reviews can make or break a brand. 

Conversely, when customers leave a negative business review or make a derogatory comment about your brand, you need to handle this situation in a way that will turn a critic into a happy customer. How do you keep your customers and visitors happy?

Generally, you need an online reputation management service to assist because it is impossible to be on all the social media platforms simultaneously. Additionally, respond to every negative comment and positive comment. Furthermore, this gives the impression that you care about what your customers think and are listening to their concerns. Moreover, we have the tools to assist you in growth hacking and maintaining a positive online reputation.

Why hire an online reputation management expert?

Consequently, traditional and online marketing - reputations can make or break a great company. Positive backlinks improve your SEO and showcase how others view your brand image.

Henceforth, there are several reasons as to why you should hire an expert to handle your online reputation management:

Credibility is important to your brand
Reviews can make or break a business
People believe what others think even if it's not true
Bad reviews can cost you.
Consequently, hiring a professional reputation management service could mean the difference between success and failure. Call us at (212) 842-8084 to find out how we can help you improve your online brand image. Likewise, search “ad agencies near me,” there are many options. Therefore, visit us first online at https://geekinny.com to see what our digital marketing agency can do for you. We are an NYC-based company -Google-certified to create the most effective ad campaign strategies available today.


Search Engine Optimization Package

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is detrimental to the success of your brand and is a component of web design. Search engine optimization is the process of manipulating the search engines so your page comes up as high on the results page as possible. Moreover, keywords, backlinks, and page design are some factors in organically growing websites.

A Little Help from Your Friends

If you do not know how to implement SEO, use a professional SEO service. SEO results work over time, converting customers over the long term. Unlike paid ads (PPC) that get you more immediate results, SEO lasts longer when done correctly. Consequently, structure the site with high-quality content that garners traffic. Regardless, an excellent PPC campaign with poor SEO results in a high bounce rate. Seek cutting-edge tools, results-focused analysis, an accelerated custom-tailored ad plan, and a company that can direct targeted traffic to your site and perform expert analysis of your results.

Emphatically, we use a custom project management system to integrate the various elements of your campaign.

Indeed, your goal as a website owner should be to appear on the first page of Google for your primary keywords. Furthermore, your competition may be beating you out on your target audience. Maybe your keywords are not optimized, or you did not integrate Google Search Console or Analytics for performance.

 We can help with this. For results-driven search engine optimization services, contact us. We are a New York City, USA-based digital marketing agency - ready to assist you.

If you need help with SEO for your website, Call us at (212) 842-8084 to find out how we can help. You can also visit us online at www.geekinny.com to learn more about our services.

Don't wait until tomorrow when you could be increasing your revenue today!



Turn your visitors into customers with our team of experts. Altogether, we'll analyze your website and develop a suitable conversion-driven strategy that will result in positive ROI.


Our social media team expands your organization’s outreach to a larger online audience, and enables you to interact with your visitors through engagement, rich media, and online conversations. Chiefly, build rapport and trust with your visitors and watch them turn into customers now!

Conversion Rate Optimization

There's a lot more to converting your traffic than just graphics. It takes a well-thought-out plan that focuses on all the elements of the user experience. Otherwise known as “UX.” Furthermore, positive UX includes paying attention to UI (user interface) and platform your customers are using, as well as how your website displays to the viewer.

Can your visitors find what they are looking for on your site quickly and easily? Do they have trouble locating your payment processing system? Does it work the way it is supposed to? Are customers abandoning your cart often without completing the payment process? Significantly, this could be due to some problems with the design or functionality of your website. Either way, it needs to be fixed so your visitors showcase the products you want to sell and are user-friendly.

How to Create Mobile-Friendly Pages

 Significantly, over 2.78 billion people will use mobile devices as their primary means of web browsing and communication by 2020. Conversely, in 2024, that number increases further as society pivots to the digital age.

Most of all, you must have performance metrics to analyze to see how you are doing. Consequently, setting up A/B testing, for example, helps because this allows you to compare one component or method to another to see how the UX updates are performing with customers. The site that converts the best is the one you should use. Makes sense? If you need to find out what your customers want through A/B testing and other methods to increase your conversions, call us at (212) 842-8084 or visit us at https://www.geekinny.com/. We are located in New York City and will answer your questions online anytime! Hurry now. New York is a mecca for advertising - the world is waiting for your next move.


SMM Service Package
Social Media Marketing has become one of the most important aspects of a complete digital marketing campaign. You need a business page on at least Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Why? Because your customers are all on these platforms looking for things to purchase. Moreover, you don't know where they are coming from most of the time until you look at your metrics in a traffic analysis tool like Google Search Console or Google Analytics.

Why Do People Use Facebook?

People use Facebook to see how their friends feel about brands or products. Consequently, they trust their friends' advice to purchase a product or deal with a particular brand more than any other brand. Significantly, a professional profile page on this platform can reach people unaware of your website or business. Additionally, you can post links to your videos on YouTube, podcasts, blog articles, and your website right on your social media page where it will get more views.

Can you afford to miss this large number of potential eyes on your page? Call us at (212) 842-8084 for our social media marketing services. Furthermore, visit us at geekinny.com to learn more about our services. We use a mobile-friendly approach and digital integration to create the perfect social media strategy.

Geek in NY also offers free consultations, we focus on mobile-friendly strategies, and we utilize a modern approach using all the technology and resources that we have at our disposal. Geek in NY is an award-winning company that aims to help you succeed in the long run, with increased traffic, integrated marketing strategies, and increased revenue if you work with us. If you desire a company to push your social media, contact us for a free consultation and see what all the buzz is about with our company.


Google 行銷活動管理 (PPC)

As a Google-certified partner, we are a trusted Google AdWords campaign provider in New York City. Additionally, Geek in NY knows the perfect formula for generating conversion-driven campaigns to generate high-volume conversions.


Web Design and SEO Packages for your business, designed to generate traffic and conversions. We design, develop and deploy your online identity so that your company will have yet another channel for lead generation.

PPC Service Package

Did you know there is a way to compete with big brands and still win? They have more money and resources to pour into their marketing. But you can compete if you use some of the same tools they do. You need increased traffic from a breadth of people.

To get ahead of the competition with your website, you need to have a plan for paid online advertising. PPC advertising is the best way to achieve this. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising involves setting up an ad campaign to rank you at the top of Google. For example, if you own a coffee shop, create an ad targeting coffee lovers. Google Ads should use keywords related to your business and showcase a high reach. Indeed, create this campaign with multiple tools, but we strongly recommend using Google PPC ads as one of your primary tools when creating a digital marketing campaign.

Everything happens one step at a time. We can show you everything you need to know to create a winning ad campaign strategy. Moreover, it's more about integrating all the digital components rather than focusing on one particular aspect. Being “everywhere” is what builds your online presence and branding one day at a time.

Don't know where to start? That's okay! As a Google Certified Partner in NYC, we are recognized as a trusted provider of AdWords campaign management in New York City. Henceforth, we have all the knowledge and expertise you need to successfully launch and maintain a PPC ad campaign. Visit our website today to find out more about Geek in NY's PPC service. You can also call us anytime at (212) 842-8084 for a free consultation to learn how you can take your brand's visibility to the next level and compete with big brands. 

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SEO and Web Design Service Package
Web design is essential for the functionality of your site but also because it carries an impression of your brand within the structure and design. Indeed, you don't have to have the most current or modern site on the web. Indeed, you do need a website that will provide customers with a positive and memorable experience. Additionally, you want them to become your “brand evangelists” to others so that you will increase your targeted traffic through “word-of-mouth.” Specifically, creating a beautiful, functional, and customer-focused website is critical to this process. Contact us today for a free expert web design consultation.

Moreover, optimized websites for the user have solid UX and UI. UX is the user experience - users should frequent the site with ease. UI is the user interface; great web design has solid usability and design.

Furthermore, the ultimate goal of a good website is converting visitors into customers. If you are not doing this regularly, something is wrong with your site, and it may need some tweaking. Everything from the colors you use, your logo, your branding, or the way you present your products and services is the reason for your excellent or poor results. If you do not have the time or the skills to create your business website, call us at (212) 842-8084 to find out how we can help. Visit us online at www.geekinny.com. We are your ultimate source for ramping up your brand to the next level.

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We Build Stunning Websites that Rank in Search Engines (Google), Grow Your Business Online Now. Consequently, Utilize Ultra Fast, Secured, Optimized Website For Your Business. Furthermore, hire the Right Web Design Firm. 100+ Business Sites Build. 100% Mobile Friendly site.

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Best Web Design Company in NYC . Premiere quality of work from the team is unbeatable. Our project manager was Tzvi, He was an absolute pleasure. Extremely responsive and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this web design company!
驚人的數位行銷服務。如果你在找 4 個網頁設計、SEO、Youtube、維基百科頁面,他們做起來又快又專業
Thank you for designing my website logo & all. I had to work 45 minutes to send you few things & you did the rest of the work very fast and very professionally. Strongly recommend you to all of my friends that need a web design company.

Professional Web Design and SEO Packages that help websites increase their organic search visibility in order to compete for the highest ranking spots on Google — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.














但您還需要能夠提高 Google 排名(本地和全國結果),並制定加速廣告策略,以增加收入。這就是我們的用武之地。我們可以一站式提供各種數位媒體製作和行銷服務。我們提供尖端技術以及經過驗證的結果,讓您微笑。

Geek in NY 還可以將您的影片整合到您的社群媒體帳戶中,從而以指數級方式擴大您的受眾範圍,並幫助您吸引更多人關注您的影片。我們的工作吸引了您在製定我們的廣告活動策略過程中指定的廣泛受眾。如果您想看到真正的成長並觀看真正的內容管理機構的工作,請致電 (212) 842-8084 與我們聯絡。您也可以造訪我們的網站 https://www.geekinny.com/。如果您沒有在行銷策略中使用視頻,那麼您就會錯過一大部分等待觀看和聽到您所說內容的人群。我們一次一個專案地幫助您建立聲譽。我們是您在紐約的一站式解決方案。


Google AdWords 和 Microsoft AdCenter 上的付費清單可以幫助您快速有效地吸引新客戶。


High-quality logo design services with your company brand and mission in mind.


Google 地圖優化是任何成功的本地行銷策略的重要組成部分。立即在 Google 地圖上找到!


在由文斯沃恩(Vince Vaughn) 和歐文威爾森(Owen Wilson) 主演的電影《實習生》中,兩位技術技能有些欠缺的優秀銷售人員在谷歌獲得了令人垂涎的實習機會,成為他們在應用程式開發領域最好的職位之一。儘管一開始,他們發現自己不在聯盟中,但兩人向當地披薩店老闆展示瞭如何在他所在區域投放針對其地理位置的廣告將有助於提高他的銷售水平。他們根據最終達成的協議贏得了實習機會,並用他們的創新想法給搜尋主管留下了深刻的印象。試試我們,看看我們能為您的品牌做些什麼。


我們了解使用您附近的本地地理 SEO 地圖和技術來吸引目標受眾的重要性。透過使用關鍵字和其他方法來吸引您所在區域的用戶,我們可以定位您附近區域的用戶以及居住在其他位置的其他線上用戶。



我們是該領域的專家,我們可以向您展示如何優化您的線上形象,不僅在一般網路上,而且在靠近客戶的當地城鎮。我們位於一切都首先發生的紐約市,我們知道如何接觸您的目標受眾並幫助您將他們轉化為客戶!請致電 (212) 842-8084 諮詢我們的成長駭客服務,或造訪我們的網站 https://www.geekinny.com/。我們期待與您討論如何建立和發展您的線上品牌!




連結建立現在並將繼續成為搜尋引擎優化 (SEO) 的極其重要的組成部分。我們將建立高域名權威網站的反向鏈接,以飆升您的搜尋排名!


Internet Marketing services to increase your overall online presence.






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更新、升級、修復、速度優化、SEO 改進、整合、設計等